Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cannibalizing Summer

I do my best to keep the kiddos occupied and out of trouble during their summer break. Every day they get Mom's list of homework and jobs around the house and yard to complete. One would think a daily "to-do" list on top of their bulging calendars full of sports, social events, and paid gigs they've snagged would put the kibosh on the fighting and arguing, right?  Mm-hmm!  Anyway, to limit the number of times I hear "she touched it last so it so it's her mess" and other nutty excuses, I wrote three easy guidelines on the chalkboard to maintain everyone's Mama's sanity.

  I came home to this edit:

Ha!  That's my clever one.  But that sounds like an unrefrigerated meal (refer to #1).

Happy summer to all of you. 

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