Friday, June 6, 2014

Blessed with Nuts

We're blessed.  I know it. We're nuts.  I own it.  It helps to be a little nuts in this crazy life. It's crazy for sure and has been for a long time. Since I have too many unfinished writing projects, partial journal entries, baby book chronicles that morphed into teenage chronicles, notes --electronic and otherwise, all stuffed into drawers and saved on devices, I decided a blog was the way to get organized. I'll compile our stories for my children so they can relive and laugh at some of our experiences, both the extraordinary and the ordinary.  They will right?  They will want to read it right? They will laugh and think I'm clever and life was grand right?  Well even if I'm delusional and they roll their teenage eyes now, one day they will smile and realize we had blessings all around us, including our silliness.  

"Dunkin driving!"

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